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About LSG & Associates, LLC

We know student services can be better. That’s why we recruit and employ experienced, committed professionals who are passionate about improving outcomes for all children and all staff/systems.

Our quality providers, many of whom are or have been school and district leaders, believe in the power of a student-focused, strength-based approach, and that those who serve students deserve the training proven to improve student performance.

LSG and Associates LLC takes the work out of finding professionals with proven experience, current licensure, knowledge of best practices, and the willingness to serve around the state of New Mexico. We can find your perfect fit.

Our Founder

Laura Sullivan Gallegos, Ph.D., founder and principal of LSG and Associates LLC, has been working with schools and districts since 1976. She is Certified Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) trainer, and holds a PhD in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology. Her focus is a strengths-based approach to student planning as it impacts the performance of all students and teacher learning.

In her 30+ years working with students of all cultures, as well as with urban, rural, and reservation school systems, she has achieved improved outcomes for students and staff. These improved outcomes required a strong focus on effective systems of student service with a goal of long-term success, not merely the bottom line.

Dr. Gallegos retired from public education as a special education and health services director in 2003, the same year she was chosen New Mexico Council of Administrators of Special Education Administrator of the Year. She consulted independently until 2012, and in 2014 founded LSG and Associates LLC.