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Careers for Therapists, Administrators & Providers

Let us match you with your perfect position, whether you want to work full or part time, around New Mexico. You’ll join our experienced team of service providers to create success for students in all school settings.

Why partner with LSG and Associates?


  • Find schools across the state of New Mexico that need services, negotiate contracts and scheduling, and communicate with the school.
  • Provide flexible days, hours and travel.
  • Pay competitive rates, per diem, mileage, and time traveled.
  • Issue payment every two weeks, with all necessary deductions & taxes noted.
  • Are available via phone, fax, text, or email.
  • Don’t micromanage – we trust you to do your job.
  • Think professionalism and respect come first.
  • Find solutions and have your back if a problem arises.


Above all, we believe all students should receive quality services, wherever they are. Are you ready to join us? Contact us today.